Adrenaline June 23, 2021

How do you get that buzz of adrenaline that makes you feel alive?

Is it by doing something a little ‘risky’…?

But in this age of health and safety… how can you get that ‘buzz’…. when nowadays anything even remotely risky …is banned.

I like driving fast.

There I’ve said it …arrest me.

When I say I like driving fast – I don’t mean doing 40mph in a 30mph ….I mean on quiet roads that I know well …I may exceed the newly lowered speed limits. It gives me a bit of excitement and ‘yes’ I do get a buzz of adrenaline from doing it. Man and machine in harmony driving on winding roads and getting the most out of the experience. I enjoy it.

However – I recently picked up 6 points and a huge fine for doing this on a quiet day with nobody else on the road.

This got me to thinking – the human body needs to have a release. We need to have a bit of danger in our lives to keep the blood flowing and to make us feel good about being alive.

Where can we get this without upsetting the powers that be?

Eating and drinking too much – frowned upon.

Drugs – illegal.

Sex – you need to be very careful how you go about this.

Television – all censored.

Maybe you could do a bit of illicit shopping on line and spend a bit too much ????

….nope you can’t do that because Klarna will step in and let you pay over months and months of minimum payments …where’s the danger in that …????

Sooooo…we’re all wrapped in cotton wool and bubble wrap and stamped on of we ever step out of societies gilded cage that we’re all locked in.

I see trouble ahead.

Without some form of release …we’re all due for a meltdown.

Mike C

ALSO CAN BE EATEN…. June 21, 2021

Japanese knotweed…also can be eaten..if you’re so inclined….

Planning….it’s there for a reason June 16, 2021

It’s me again prattling on about stuff.

Planning departments, planning officers, planning permission…. all a pain in the arse right?

When you’re trying to get on site and you’re being told that… ‘Planning permission has been delayed…’- you do find yourself thinking… ‘Bloody planners – get your finger pulled out …’

So, when Boris says he’s going to… ‘Make it easier for house builders and developers’ – everybody thinks – ‘Yes’ – let’s get building, let’s push the economy, build, build, build….’

However – all those planning regulations …. they’re all there for a reason.

I’m sorry to point this out but if everybody could just build what they wanted …wherever they wanted the country would be in a right mess.

You just have to realise that legislation is there because it’s needed.

I’ve heard rumour that the laws relating to Japanese knotweed and other invasive plants could be relaxed to allow development to carry on without the need to remediate these species.

We’ve worked for years to get these types of plants under control and a slackening of powers would be a disaster for the environment.

So yes Boris – we do need to get more houses built.

Yes we do need to get the economy moving …. but please can we do it within guidelines that we know will protect our environment and retain the quality of development that we have worked so hard to achieve.

Just saying.

Mike C


How Can We Change Things June 9, 2021

Those of you that read these blogs will know I’m not a big fan of;

The Royal Family
The Government
Boris Johnson
David Cameron
The Police

In fact, let’s be honest …anybody that tells me what to do ….

I’m sick of seeing billions of public money being spent on weapons when the NHS is underfunded.

I’m sick of reading about poverty and children missing lunch when schools are closed – yet seeing millions spent on a funeral.

I’m sick of reading how ex-government figures line their pockets from the public purse then claim they’ve done nothing wrong.

I’m sick of reading about people who have made millions from the COVID pandemic.

I’m sick of seeing piles of fly-tipped material on the side of Snake Pass which goes without any form of response from the police – yet if I even stray 5 mph above the speed limit I get stopped by two police cars (yes count them – two police cars and four officers) ….

…and yet dear reader …despite all these concerns…I still go on.

I still read the paper even though most of the news depresses me.

I got my jab…even though I wasn’t 100% convinced it was safe…

I said “Yes officer, I’m sorry” to the policemen that stopped me.

I go about my daily life with my head down trying to avoid being picked out from the crowd …trying to conform to society’s rules.

But the rules seem a little biased towards the rich folks? How is it that the rich seem to get richer and the poor get poorer? How is it that the bulk of the wealthier guys appear to have benefited from the COVID situation?

How can one possibly make any changes to the way society runs?

I’ve been shouting from my little soapbox for years about invasive species and the problems they cause. The only sign that anybody was listening was when we had a visit from a ‘government’ representative who wanted to ‘loosen’ the powers surrounding Japanese knotweed and make it ‘easier’ for development to take place without stringent control.

My guess is that I’ve pissed off a few wealthy landowners who want to make more money by not dealing with invasive plants when they develop their land …so they try and change the law by lobbying their mates in Parliament.

I feel I should be doing something?

Voting doesn’t seem to make much difference?

Thoughts anybody?

Mike C





Standards are dropping June 2, 2021

I have a feeling that the days of ‘quality’ products are gone.

People seem to want things done quickly and cheaply …but aren’t too bothered about the quality of the product or service they are receiving.

Let’s take Amazon for example.  Let’s agree, the delivery man could just cut out the middle man and deliver your *egg beater/waffle maker/glue/Christmas lights (insert product here) straight into the bin….and not bother giving it to you at all.

In fact, they could go one further and just invoice you for the crap and don’t even bother sending it you…you know it’s all rubbish …but you’re addicted to shite.

Netflix.  I watched a film the other night called ‘The Rental’.  I say ‘watched’, I wasn’t watching really.  I was just comatose on the settee after a long walk and couldn’t be bothered changing channels.

It was so bad I wouldn’t stop watching to see if it had any redeeming features.  It didn’t.  Total crap – poor acting, poor story, poor dialogue…. nothing about it whatsoever other than it made somebody think they’d achieved a target by putting out another new film that week.

The Disney channel.  ‘The Mandalorian’ is the only thing worth watching on the entire channel.

I am really struggling to find anything of any value to watch or read.  I am so desperate that I’m going into the back catalogue and watching gems like ‘ER’ and ‘The Sopranos’.

I’m re-reading some of my favourite novels and have decided to write my own film and make it during the next week.  Honestly, it will be no worse than most of the “new” drama out there.

‘Finding Alice’ – jeez

James Nesbitt – for god’s sake will somebody just teach him to talk properly.

‘The Drowning’ – written by a child.

Help ….


Mike C