Are you Important? July 29, 2020

I’ve always said to my kids…. ‘make yourself noticed at work’ – be that person that jumps up and says… ‘I’ll do it…’ – don’t be a wallflower.

With the current situation that we are in, this philosophy still stands good. If you’ve been off on furlough and nobodies noticed ….then really …are you actually doing anything of value for the world…?

Are you actually making any difference to anything?

You’re all in a panic now, aren’t you?

However, do not despair it’s not just you I’m getting at…

It is a theory of mine that certain sectors of the world could be just lived without …or at least certain jobs?

Accountants –

The Royal Family –

Traffic police –

Tax inspectors –

The VAT guys –

Business gurus who think they can transform your company –

The mother in law –

Anybody from British Telecom –

That woman from a call centre in India who says… ‘tell me your last 27 transactions on your account in order starting with 11.30 last Friday …’ … ‘you have failed …. your account is blocked’.

That bloke that cuts you up when three lanes goes into two on the motorway.

Add your own personal gripes here folks …

However, I must add, in my darker moments ….I do think ….if I stopped dealing with invasive species ….

Would anybody notice?


Mike C