Herd April 29, 2020

I …am not a herd, I am not a number, I’m a person, an individual.

We – the UK people deserve to be treated like people…. and not just kept in the dark and have shit shoveled on us. I’ve kept quiet over the last few weeks because I know that the situation is difficult (understatement) and I know that we are in ‘uncharted waters’ – but for fucks sake make some decisions – get some dialogue going – let’s get back to work.

 We as the British people don’t hide from problems.

We fight and we adapt. We create new strategies and we overcome obstacles.

What we don’t do is sit in and hope things go away.

This lockdown is killing our spirit and making us lazy. It’s making us all feel like we’re some big lunk of humanity which the government can just move around a chess board to suit their particular problems on a certain week.

Business owners out there – if you were off sick – what would happen ….? I’m pretty sure you’ve all got a plan in place?

In my case I have a whole team who know exactly what they should be doing and would stand up and get things done.

Boris has been in power for five minutes yet the country cannot move without his say so.


This is bullshit. It’s rubbish.


This lockdown needs an end and it needs open discussion and honest answers.


Then we need to get back to work.



Mike C