Here to Guard your Property January 23, 2020

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The first rule of Japanese knotweed elimination is to be able to recognise whether or not you have it present and active in your location. Flagging up the problem correctly is the starting point in any war raged on the notoriously territory-grasping weed, a real villain of modern horticultural times. The danger of Japanese knotweed to Britain’s homes and wildlife is clear and ever-present, but successful identification paves the way to effectively tackling the problem and ultimately defeating the enemy.


Japanese knotweed is nothing if not a master of disguise, with Japanese knotweed taking on somewhat differing guises and characteristics throughout the calendar year, which certainly keeps us on our toes as we set about making a positive identification. This is why the process of how to identify Japanese knotweed needs to be handled by professionals like us, experts who know what we’re talking about. Once confirmed, we can help advise you on potential Japanese knotweed removal costs.


Japanese knotweed can ravage a property and do real lasting damage to much of the immediate surroundings. What will stop it in its tracks though, is seeking help from Japanese Knotweed Solutions Ltd. Combining our experience – over 15 years in the Japanese knotweed removal business and counting – with our extensive knowledge on the current industry regulation and accepted practices, JKSL can offer you the most cost-effective means by which to rid your land/property of this green menace.


How do you kill Japanese knotweed? The invasive plant has been known to impact entire gardens and cause thousands of pounds’ worth of damage to buildings if it’s not eradicated early enough. Fully exterminating the weed has proved difficult due to the extensive rhizome network associated with the plant. It only takes a small fragment of rhizome for it to grow. It can be transported through soil importation, during construction or even by footwear. Fortunately, with consistent and persistent efforts Japanese knotweed can be eliminated.

Harry and Meghan January 22, 2020

I seriously do not give a flying f**k about the royal family.

All my life I have thought that they were all a bunch of spoiled, self-important, money-grabbing leeches who know nothing about the real world.

They are no different than you or I, other than at some point in their lives a relative managed to either steal or bully their way into land ownership ….and it’s just continued ever since.

Phillip – we know you drove into that car recently – you shouldn’t have been driving and the police should have prosecuted you.

The recent ‘revelations’ about Andrew are not ‘shocking’ – he’s been an arrogant twat all his life and just continues to think he’s above the law. Just own up you moron – we all know you did it.

Harry and Meghan – just give the tax payer back the £2.4 million you squandered on the house you aren’t going to live in. You want to be ‘self-sufficient’ – do it then – but don’t ask us to pay for it ffs.

Charles is just a parody of himself and don’t start me on his wife. They were having an affair before Diana passed away – and I’m pretty sure her death wasn’t an accident. All way too convenient for my liking.

William and Kate – just too sugary for my liking.

Sorry …

Had to get that off my chest.

There’s my chance of being made a knight pretty much in the can.


Sir Mike Clough

Social Media **Use with Caution** January 15, 2020

I have until recently, been a big fan of social media.

I’ve adopted each new fad and taken them as far as I can from a marketing point of view.

From initial reluctance, I’ve blogged every week and I’ve kept up the regular posts to LinkedIn. I’ve Facebooked, I’ve Pinterested, I’ve Twittered and I’ve Instagrammed.

I have considered it to be part of modern life – but I am seeing now that I’ve been hoodwinked. I’ve been conned into giving all of my personal details and life history to sites that then sell this information on to third parties – who then wish to sell you things.

I am beginning to tire of the games that the owners of these sites play.

We know that these sites are not provided for our benefit? Why would anybody create a free platform for people to interact socially?

A platform that’s has a free benefit for a non-profit purpose….duuuuuh ….no…just not happening?

It’s blindingly obvious that Facebook and Instagram are both about gleaning as much information as they can about our behaviour. What we like, what we don’t like, what are our shopping habits, what people aspire to have, to own etc. etc…..

It’s also obvious that these sites are addictive.

Once they have you hooked, they will bombard you with direct and also subliminal messages. The ‘like’ button is like a dose of adrenaline which keeps you wanting more and more.

So what if 350 people from Japan like your new *jacket…. does it really matter? Errrr no …it doesn’t. Their opinion just doesn’t matter, and even if it did – are they even ‘real’ anyway …even if they are real…. you will never meet them and their ‘like‘ of your clothes mean nothing….

What if nobody ‘likes’ your *jacket?

So long as you like it, that’s all that matters.

What is perhaps less obvious is the way that people can interpret your behaviour by the material that you post. People will judge you on what you like or don’t like, opinions that you have or even flippant comments made in jest – and some people it appears have no sense of humour at all.

It has come to my attention recently that people think I am brash, arrogant and materialistic – all this from the way my Instagram account has a plethora of cars, watches and clothes. I just thought it was a bit of harmless fun – but others have taken my ramblings as serious and have concluded that I am shallow.

For some reason it has also been concluded by others that I have been out and about having a great time with a variety of different women. In reality I haven’t been doing anything dodgy at all – in fact I haven’t been doing anything full stop – but pictures taken out of context have been misinterpreted….

You need to be very careful with these sites – use with extreme caution.

There can be consequences.

Me – I’m going cold turkey – binned ‘em all.

Mike C

*insert anything here – jacket/trousers/car /watch/view/behaviour etc. etc.

It’s the people…. not the name. January 8, 2020

Can we have a shout out for the people that matter. The people that meet and greet, the people that serve and the people that sell.

These are the people that matter.

I stay at The Lowry Hotel in Manchester on a regular basis. But it’s not the name that’s important. It’s not the room or the sheets or the restaurant….it’s the people I go back for. Bob who meets me and takes my bag to the room. Daria in the bar who always knows what my favourite drink is. Winston at breakfast who never fails to make me smile with his Jamaican humour.

I shop in London at various places but again it’s not the brands that impress me it’s the guys that work in the stores. The guys that ring me when my size comes in, the guys that know what I’m looking for.

The guys that have an interest in their customers.

I eat at Hawksmoor in Manchester. It’s a great restaurant…but …the thing I like most is the smile that Becca has when I arrive. She does it to everybody, not just me….but it makes the difference.

Jess at Audi.

Martin at Aston Martin.

Alan at Porsche Wilmslow.

Nina at Gieves and Hawkes

Alfie my man at RRL

Valeria at IWC

Mike at Watches of Switzerland

John at Mettricks

Nigel at Sowerbutts

…and of course

Suzanne, Holly, Deborah, Chris, Ann, Toni, Alex, Jonathan, Kate, Bev, Phil, Michelle and the rest of the team at Japanese Knotweed Solutions.

So, let’s hear it for the unsung heroes in my life.

Big up to all of you.

Mike C