Getting things done… December 18, 2019

It is my experience that getting something done requires one person who has the ability to make a decision.

Once you start involving more people there’s no chance of getting anything done.

The original idea gets watered down and the initial quality goes out of the window.

I’ve seen so many concept cars that look stunning. But by the time they’ve been through health and safety and had a few budget constraints put into the design process they look crap. Then they build them and sell them to us as ‘high end’ design.

Marketing – when it starts out in the creative process it looks great – but by the time you’ve removed all the offensive bits and pieces – the concept is bland and dull.

Films nowadays – again I’m betting the initial pitch was great – but remove the violence, the fast cars and the odd bit of naked flesh ….and you’re left with bland rubbish that’s all been seen before.

Committees and Trade bodies.

He wants this / she wants that / this focus group wants this / the insurers want that / the members don’t agree…. ffs ….12 months later you’re still having the same conversation about the same thing ….and nothing changes.

So – don’t even start me on the election.

I don’t believe any of the things they say and I don’t believe anything they promise.

I’m thinking we need a dictatorship ?

With me in charge.

Mike C