Sex is Dangerous November 6, 2019

Did you know that every year people die whilst making love?

Increased heart rate, over excitement all contribute to this being a very dangerous pastime.

Drinking whilst having sex is also considered very dangerous and may lead to accidents, some of them with life changing results.

So, the government have decided that this is no longer something that they can allow to happen.

They have decided that procreation should be carried out by machine as this is far safer and nobody will be at risk.

Ok, ok, ok, ….so you’re all now up in arms saying how ridiculous they can’t stop us having sex.

So why are you letting them stop you driving….??

This is what’s happening folks – driverless cars, electric cars – all designed to take the pleasure out of something that you enjoy doing ….and replacing it with a machine.

Make a stand.

Just say no.

Just think …. ‘I’m having a sh*g whilst drunk and I don’t care about what happens*.’

 Mike C


* ok maybe re think this – Safety first.