Bank says ‘yes’… April 10, 2019

Shock, horror, hold the press, retract that blog.

A couple of weeks ago I put a blog out that ridiculed various groups – bank managers, teachers, armed forces, policemen etc. were all included in this generally rude and offensive typical diatribe that I have become noted for.

Imagine my horror when I realised that I actually needed my bank managers assistance – at the same time I also remembered that not only did he read the short weekly rant but that he had also commented on my offensive writings.

Hmmm…. some carefully chosen words were needed.

My rant had been based on previous experiences with banks based on their ability to say ‘no’ without taking any account your trading history, workload or cash flow.

In this instance Stephen Wilkinson Relationship Manager Business Banking Nat West simply said ‘looking at your trading history and the information we have… this won’t be a problem …how much do you need?’.

Soooo officially ….

I AM SORRY TO ALL THE BANK MANAGERS I OFFENDED….in particular the relationship manager at NatWest Nw Se Lancashire called Steve Wilkinson.

Mike C

NB. Police and armed forces and firemen and teachers – I stand by what I said unless I meet any of you or need you …. in which case I didn’t mean you I meant the other one… 😉