So, this is Christmas …and what have I learnt? December 19, 2018

Well 2018 has been a quick year, that seems to be the message I’m getting from everyone I know.

One day you’re recovering from New Year, then what seems like a few weeks later, you’re getting ready for Christmas again?

Even though I’m pretty sure that time does not go quicker as you get older …it certainly seems that way.

I’ve read that time appears to move quicker when you are doing repetitive things, mundane tasks repeated without thought doesn’t stimulate the brain, hence the grey cells are convinced that time is just flying by …. because nothing is lodging in your head that’s a bit ‘different’.

Soooo ….2019 needs to be a year of doing things that are outside of the comfort zone.

Maybe a bit of salsa dancing, maybe a pottery course, maybe a camping holiday… or doing the North Coast 500 in a camper van.

Watch this space.

Mike C