Christmas Message September 26, 2018

Stop talking about Christmas.



Mike C

Flying vs Car September 19, 2018

So, in an effort to re-create some great tv moments from the Top Gear show – my wife and I got into a discussion about whether to drive to Cornwall …or fly?

Now I’m a driver. I love driving, it gives me pleasure.

I drive a car that’s well maintained, in fact …. it’s over maintained – to the point of OCD – serviced BEFORE it’s due, tyres replaced BEFORE they are completely worn out, OIL CHANGED regularly…cleaned polished and leather cared regularly….

Planes on the other hand are un-maintained to the point of danger by companies that want to save a penny at every point (or so I have read).

Planes that fly with … ‘just enough’ fuel for their journey with no excess to be wasted – but also no capacity for covering any unforeseen circumstance. Planes get bed bugs (recent headlines) and planes are full of nasty smelly noisy …PEOPLE.

I don’t like people.

I don’t mean you …I mean groups of people I don’t know…people who have bad personal hygiene, smell slightly of biscuits and old feet.

So, the stage was set for an epic battle.

Well ….it wasn’t really – my wife wanted to fly so we went by plane.

Taxi to the airport – all good so far.

Arrive at Terminal 3 Manchester – things started to go downhill, fast. There were people everywhere …rushing here, there and everywhere. People that just weren’t polite, they pushed and shoved and….they breathed on me ….uuurrggghh.

The plane was delayed, the queues got bigger, the heat increased the smell increased and the people just kept on breathing on me.

Finally, we boarded the plane and 40 …yes 40… minutes later we were in Newquay.

I’m still in two minds though.

6 hours of peaceful sweet smelling, safe Audi RS6 vs 40 minutes of smelly people.

I’m driving next time.

She’s flying.

Mike C

MeshTech Treatment September 13, 2018

Using MeshTech, our in-house invention, provides an altogether different approach to Japanese knotweed treatment. MeshTech is a revolutionary option for which we have to thank Dr Eric Donnelly, alongside JKSL for designing and implementing. Our bespoke and patented technology was developed in-house in collaboration with Dr Donnelly, providing another environmentally-friendly method of controlling Japanese knotweed; one which doesn’t necessitate chemical involvement and causes minimal impact at ground level.

If you would like us to send you some more information about this technique, please click here.

Botanical Paintings September 13, 2018

Japanese Knotweed Solutions has commissioned a series of detailed botanical paintings of invasive plants, including Japanese knotweed, Himalayan balsam, Giant hogweed, Ragwort, Buddleja and American Skunk Cabbage. Not only are they very useful in assisting with the identification of these plants, but they are also incredibly beautiful on display!

If you would like to receive your very own botanical print, please click here and state which print you would like.

The Original Knotweed Warriors September 12, 2018

Japanese Knotweed Solutions Limited has been fighting the war on Japanese knotweed since 2002. We were the first company to specialise solely in the treatment of the highy invasive non-native plant.

During the summer months, Japanese knotweed can grow as much as 10cm’s a day.

Order your free ‘Original Knotweed Warriors’ print here.

Nightmare on your Street September 12, 2018

Could you have Japanese knotweed on your property?

Do your neighbours have Japanese knotweed on their property?

Would you be able to identify it if you did? If your not sure, simply upload your photos via the JKSL Homepage and we can advise you if it is.

To request your free ‘Nightmare on your Street’ poster, click here and state which posters you would like.

Be Afraid of the Knotweed September 12, 2018 JKSL Newspaper September 12, 2018

Our quartley newspaper ‘Root of the Matter’ is jam packed with the latest updates and insights into the Japanese knotweed and invasive weed industry.

To order your copy, please send a request here.

JKSL Newspaper September 12, 2018

Our quartley newspaper ‘Root of the Matter’ is jam packed with the latest updates and insights into the Japanese knotweed and invasive weed industry.

To order your copy, please send a request here.

In the Media September 12, 2018

JKSL has been featured in the top TV and radio channels from across the UK.


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Album Covers September 12, 2018

What’s it all about I hear you ask?

Well, it’s about getting people talking about Japanese Knotweed Solutions – and by connection – getting people talking about invasive species.

Our latest ideas are taken off famous album covers – classic albums re-worked to include Japanese knotweed.

So far, we have:

‘Knotweed Calling’ – The Clash, with Paul Simonon hitting the emerging knotweed with his guitar in the classic Penny Smith picture.

‘Combat Knotweed’ – again The Clash, with the railway line in the background on the album cover being encroached by Japanese knotweed

‘Plant out of Hell’ – you got it, Meatloaf.

‘Wish you Weren’t Here’ – Pink Floyd, featuring Japanese knotweed being incinerated on the cover along with the man in flames….

‘Definitely Knotweed’ – Oasis, with Japanese knotweed emerging through the floorboards around Liam Gallagher

To order your free album cover, please click here to request your favourites (UK only)

10 Cloverfield Lane September 12, 2018

Monsters come in any forms.

Some lenders will refuse a mortgage on properties with Japanese Knotweed.

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