Made to Measure April 18, 2018

Have you ever had really shit clothes?

You know, the outfit your mother made you wear, or something that’s been handed down from an elder sibling? I had an absolute nightmare experience at secondary school which was down to wearing all my brothers cast offs.

On day one my mother made me wear an old jacket of my elder brothers that drowned me. It had stitched on leather patches on the elbows to cover the wear and tear caused by several years of wear. All the other kids had pristine new jackets – mine was ready for me to ‘grow into’… in about ten years.

The worst thing was the shoes.

My brother had expressed a desire for some trendy ‘spoon’ shoes – basically the toe went into a large open circle (much like a spoon). He wore them once and had so much abuse about them that he decided to ditch them. He told our mother they were too small and would be great for Mike – so I was handed these things and told to wear them and get the ‘money’s worth’ out of them.

Never has one child had the piss taken out of him by so many people for such a length of time. I was known as ‘spoony’ for at least three years after they’d worn out.

This has been a topic of some discussion within the offices of JKSL.

Several of our competitors have bought specific machinery to help in their bid to clear Japanese knotweed. They might have bought a screening machine or they may even have modified a screener …and this is their chosen best method of getting rid of your knotweed problem.

In many cases this can work well for everybody involved – client and contractor. Client gets his knotweed removed and the contractor pays for his new but of kit and the monthly payment is covered.

However …do you really think that if contractor ‘A’ looks at your knotweed problem and his ‘flange bucket screener’ isn’t quite the right piece of kit he’s going to go … ‘well actually you need a ‘wobble bucket screener’ and Contractor ‘B’ has one of those – or do you think he will tell you the ‘flange bucket’ is the machine for the job.

Man – he’s gonna use that ‘flange bucket’ till it drops coz it’s costing him £4k a month. He’s gonna ‘flange bucket’ everything in sight because he has to pay for the bloody thing.

Now here at ‘Japanese knotweed Solutions Ltd’ we know that no two knotweed projects are the same. The plant may be older and more established. The plant might be in shallow soil or deep soil. The plant could have spread towards nearby trees or a building or hard surface. There are a million different reasons to use different kit and a different approach.

So, we actually tailor our approach to YOUR site.

We don’t own a ‘flange bucket’ or a ‘wobble bucket’.

We don’t own them, so we don’t have to cover the cost of owning them. And because we don’t have to cover the cost of owning or maintaining these expensive pieces of machinery we can use whatever we want… wherever we want ….by just hiring the CORRECT piece of equipment for YOUR site.

Don’t be sold an ill-fitting solution.

Go bespoke.

Go with JKSL.

Mike C