Paddington 2 March 14, 2018

Why can’t the world be like the start of ‘Paddington 2’?

 A world where everyone knows your name and shouts out ‘good morning’ or gives you a newspaper or makes you a marmalade sandwich as you make your way to work?

I watched the film with great anticipation and wasn’t disappointed. A real ‘feel good’ movie where the moral of the story was to ‘look for the good’ in people. This film has been the ‘most positively reviewed film’ …of all time …apparently. From these reviews you must think that people like the message and approve of the overall way the world is portrayed by the writers.

So… why is everyone in the real world so bloody miserable most of the time?

I go for a long walk every morning as part of my new health awareness campaign – and on these walks I come across other walkers pretty much the same people every day. Now as a child I was always encouraged by my father to speak to people when out walking – a cheery ‘good morning’ or ‘isn’t it a lovely day’ or ‘hi – how are you’ – my dad taught me that to ignore people whilst out in the countryside was just rude and only ignorant people would not pass the time of day with you.

Well I’m afraid if that last statement was true – then there are an awful lot of ignorant people in the world.

Not only do people ignore you but they are so bloody selfish in their actions whilst out in the beautiful Peak District. I despair at the amount of litter left on Sheffield Road.

What sort of person throws McDonald’s wrappers out of their window, tin cans, beer bottles and even nappies ….

I find it one of the most depressing things in life. Not so much because lives are threatened or it’s dangerous in any way – but I just end up thinking if people are so bloody thoughtless what hope does the environment or in fact the world have?

Fly tipping – again one of my real bug bears. What the hell are people thinking when they drive over the Snake Pass and leave …. a bed …in a lay by. I’ve seen bathroom suites and kitchen units just lying in a picnic spot.

What the fuck are these people thinking?

Doggy poop bags? OK so we all think that letting your dog poop in the middle of the pavement is a bad idea. But …. putting this vile excrement in a non-biodegradable bag then leaving it on the side of the footpath – how – please tell me – how …. can this possibly be a better idea???????

Please can we go back to thinking about each other?

Please can we start thinking about the environment and perhaps thinking beyond the end of the next five minutes.

Who do you think picks the litter up?

Who clears the fly tipping …?

How long does that doggy poop bag take to bio-degrade…???

Smile when you’re out walking, say hello, pass the time of day ….and maybe take some marmalade sandwiches and pass them out to complete strangers.

Mike C