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Family vs business

BY: Mike Clough | December 20th 2017

Families are complicated. I never fully realised this until I met my wife who has the most complex family situation one could ever imagine. For me, my life was always mapped out in front of me with...

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Christmas woes….

BY: Mike Clough | December 13th 2017

I’m sorry but Christmas is just a pain in the ass. There I've said it. I’m on the naughty list. I’m down for a bag of soot... I know I’ve blogged about this before but it’s a...

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BY: Mike Clough | December 6th 2017

I walked into a store in Liverpool last week and picked up a ‘Stussy’ baseball hat, walked to the till and presented it for payment. I was a focused shopper - in/out - bang ...job done. However,...

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