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Twenty Years into the Past

BY: Mike Clough | June 28th 2017

Having recently travelled ten years into the future with my blog - this week we travel twenty years into the past. What would I change? What would I do differently….? Would any of these changes have made...

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Ten Years into the Future….

BY: Mike Clough | June 21st 2017

So let’s time travel ahead by ten years or so ...(cue weird dream sequence music) .....what's going to be going on in the world of invasive non-native species in the UK? One of the problems with my...

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It’s just plain rude…

BY: Mike Clough | June 7th 2017

I don't have many dealings with the 'general public' anymore due to my elevated status as business owner and 'chief executive' at Japanese knotweed Solutions ltd...in fact I only tend to speak to people through my PA,...

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