What do I do… October 5, 2016

I’ve been having some sort of crisis recently based around losing confidence in what it is I actually do?

I’ve always thought that I’ve been THE key element in the success of Japanese Knotweed Solutions…. but recently I’ve begun to suspect it’s nothing to do with me?

On a day to day basis there is nothing that I do that actually seems to be KEY to the day-to-day running of the company. I could just not turn up – for days, weeks …even months – and I’m pretty sure everything would just run smoothly and efficiently.

I would even go so far as to say – it might even run smoother…!

The day to day organization of the teams runs far better than when I stick my oar in….and the cash flow and accounts side of things works better without my muddled questions…

SO… what is it …that I actually do???

No seriously – can anyone tell me?? …this could be early onset dementia or some other potentially life ending condition 🙁

I suspect that it’s something to do with a short film I watched about thirty years ago based around a business idea that suggested that an owner should…. ‘work ON the business… not IN the business’.

It is a mantra that I repeated to myself for years and years until it became a sort of base point from which I made all my decisions. I think that what’s caught me by surprise is that for years I’ve been trying to achieve this type of nirvana and just never had the right people to make it work. Then suddenly out of nowhere the current team seem to just get it…and they just get on with doing their roles to the best of their ability

SO – what it is that i do, is work… ON …the business.

I think ahead, I plan, I strategise and I look for opportunities.

I meet new people and I look at where I can network and bump into the next major client.



I might sleep tonight.


Mike C