One night stands … August 17, 2016

My youngest daughter has just come out of a long term relationship and is back to being single again. One of the reasons that she took so long to get out of her previous situation was the worry that she might end up ‘on the shelf’ …a ‘mad cat lady’ (or in Megs case a ‘mad dog lady’)…

She works such long hours that she thought she might never meet the right person – or even meet anybody due to her unsociable hours…so her friends decided that she need to get ‘out there’ on a few dating websites and meet some new ‘man talent’…

Now being the dad that I am…. I advised her that not everyone who pretended to be a young version of Adonis or whoever the young people’s version of Adonis is nowadays???…(Justin Bieber?? Wtf do I know …) might not actually look like their photo – or be the person they were saying they were.

I also told her that these ‘young men’ could actually be some old duffer like me just trying to chat up a young girl …she of course laughed – they have to be ‘real’ dad’ – they have to have a valid Facebook account…

The other thing that worried me about these ‘type’ of ‘hook ups’ – are they actually after meeting somebody and having a ‘relationship’ or are they just after sex…??? Swipe left if you don’t like somebody – swipe right and… you’re ‘in’ *

(*NB I may have got that the wrong way round)

What is it that people are actually looking for in a relationship anyway…?? No idea …?? One night stands? …something a bit ‘more’ than… ‘one night’… maybe …??

Actually I’m bloody glad that I’m past all this type of stuff. If Mrs C buggers off (again) I am not going to be hitting the dating websites – I’m far too old to be thinking about all that nonsense again – trying to figure out one woman has been way beyond my simple understanding of life – so god help anyone who wants to repeat the process.

This did get me to thinking about how do people pick a Japanese knotweed contractor? Swipe left swipe right …??? What do they really want from an invasive weed control company?? Maybe not… ‘tall dark and handsome with a GSH’…

…what I’m getting at here is that maybe you don’t want a ‘one night stand’ from a company dealing with your invasive weeds.

You want a longer term commitment – somebody who’s there for the ‘long haul’. This is what invasive species management is all about – it’s not a ‘quick spray’ and you’re done.

It’s about waking up the next day, having breakfast together, knowing how you take your tea in the morning, holding your hand through the hard times and generally being ‘there’ for you…accepting that you need to see all of your family regularly…and that your mum is the most important person in your life …knowing that your favourite film is ‘Sleepless in Seattle’ and that you like puppies… but don’t want one…knowing that you collect two pound coins …but have no idea what you do with them…and that your favourite perfume is Issey Miyake and when you ask… ‘does my bum look big in this’ …you…actually… want …me …to lie.

This blog has gotten very confused – there’s a point in there somewhere – answers please on a postcard?