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BY: Mike Clough | June 22nd 2016

‘Dier dier’ shouted the commentator – which I obviously heard as ….  ‘dire, dire’ … is it just me or is football crap. I can’t believe how many wasted evenings I’ve had on the settee just waiting...

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Quantity not quality …?

BY: Mike Clough | June 15th 2016

I had a conversation with one of the team today and got to reminiscing about some of the lads that have worked for us in the past. We ended up concluding that many of today's available workforce...

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Brexit? Bremain? But things will stay the same

BY: zia | June 14th 2016

There has reportedly been a significant shift to the Brexit camp recently, as certain interested groups have become increasingly negative about the European Commission’s continued failure to approve the recommended renewal of glyphosate as an approved herbicide....

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