Fishing May 11, 2016

I feel that going fishing gives a pretty good take on how the world works.

Sometimes you do everything right and you get absolutely nothing in return.

Sometimes you do something which shouldn’t work …and bang …you get success.

I’m not sure how this helps plan anything… but I’m sure there is something to be said for approaching problems the way one approaches a day on the river.

I have recently had a couple of days on the River Test with Alex, the MD of Japanese Knotweed Solutions. We discussed what we might need for the trip – wet weather gear/dry weather gear/waders/wellies/boots….maybe sun cream…I ended up filling the boot of my car with EVERYTHING I have fishing wise …(just in case)

The river was challenging, fast flowing with deep pools adjacent to fast riffles – it wasn’t going to be easy. Mr Dayes was the first to hook a fish which he did with skill and a perfect cast – I then followed his display by tripping over, catching the end of my rod in some nearby willows, I then stuck my hand in some nettles, dropped my rod ….my line then fell in the water near the edge of the river… and… ‘bang’ – low and behold I was into a fish.

Nothing toooo big but any fish is a good fish on a river like this.

I was also talking to Ann, our Financial Director, during the day about how cash flow was going. I was particularly concerned that one of our bigger clients hadn’t paid a large outstanding debt. I asked Ann whether the £100K had come in and Ann replied – ‘…no …and their accounts department don’t have it on their system…’

My response – ‘bloody hell – we need to get the suppliers paid…’

…she then went on to say ‘…but …ABC and XY and Z have paid early which means we are actually better off than we thought’…

So nothing toooo big but any payment is a good payment when money is needed.

I was also talking to Jonathan one of our surveyors about whether a particular project had made any progress? This is a site that we have surveyed, studied, checked, liaised with planners, archaeologists, ecologists etc. etc. We have everything in place for a major piece of work …yet they just won’t push the button and say yes.

We have worked our collective arses off for this client, yet nothing seems to get the job moving…

Jonathan of course said …’nothing happening as yet – but we need to go back and do some additional survey work…’

My response – ‘bloody hell – we need some work for the lads’

…he then went on to say ‘ …but….ABC and XY and Z have all said yes – so actually we have more work on than we anticipated’…

So nothing toooo big but any work is good work when work is needed.

I’m not sure where I’m going with this…other than to say…without the odd fishing trip, I would go completely bonkers.

…and for those of you planning everything to the ‘Nth’ degree – life doesn’t work like that.


Mike C