Floods…. January 6, 2016

Hmmmm …have you ever prattled on and on about something and found that people just don’t listen?

My little bug bear has been the lack of funding that our wonderful Environment Agency gets (or doesn’t get …!)

We gave £6 Billion away in foreign aid last year – that’s the equivalent of £350 million a week – yet in the last couple of years it appears that our budget for dealing with flooding has been reduced.

I’m sorry but wtf?

I can’t help thinking if this were a Southern based problem …say around the London area… perhaps these issues would have been handled differently?

What is it with our prime minister’s that makes them focus on foreign policies whilst ignoring Mr and Mrs Bin Flooded in the North of England? Is it not glamorous enough for them? Does it not grab the headlines or make them more vote worthy.

I feel it’s because ‘we’ (The British)….are so bloody stiff upper lipped?

Have you seen the poor people being interviewed on the telly? Nearly every clip that I saw people were smiling and saying things like … ‘we will be open tomorrow’….or … ‘we’ve been here before and we won’t let it get us down’  ….then the news would cut to some ‘B grade’ actor spouting on about some refugee camp with children on far side of the world who were in trouble.

I’m convinced if these over-paid actors really cared… they should just put their hands in their pockets and hand over a couple of million that they earned from their last film – then  everyone would be ok.

Ewan MacGregor – mate – why not just give the proceeds from one of your films to the charity you keep pushing? Maybe have one less house? One less motorbike or one less Belstaff Jacket?

…but…getting back to the point…why be giving money to some foreign aid issue when people at home own our own bloody doorstep are suffering? I personally have lost circa six thousand pounds worth of damaged machinery to the flooding – and this is nothing at all in comparison with others.

I’m not asking for your donations here by the way – but I am saying that hundreds of businesses will be having severe financial difficulties and probably many will simply cease trading …due to the miss management of funds which could have been better spent on improving our home and business flood defences?

Please, please …can we shout out for the beleaguered Environment Agency to get MORE FUNDING.

Can somebody please point out that our ENVIRONMENT will NOT look after itself.

When we have sorted all of our home issues then – ‘yes’ – I will be happy to help anyone with problems around the world  ….but please can we put our own house in order first?


Mike C – cold and wet and based in the North.