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Black Friday …

BY: Mike Clough | December 9th 2015

Last week I unfortunately found myself in London…on… ‘Black Friday’ – this is probably the last place on earth that any sensible person would want to be on this fateful day. The roads were absolutely chaotic and...

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BY: Mike Clough | December 2nd 2015

I'm thinking of adopting a new business strategy ...lying. I was in a meeting last week with a pretty high powered client and he said...'*********’' a competitor of yours state that they can kill Japanese knotweed in...

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Last Night the NEBOSH Saved My Life

BY: zia | December 2nd 2015

Well, the title’s a bit of an exaggeration – but pre-use checks may have prevented a potentially embarrassing accident / fire / death. I know – it’s not quite got the same ring to it… Those of...

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