Mad Max* October 21, 2015

My name is Max, I am the road warrior. I am a lone survivor of the forces of law and order that were destroyed with everything else in the ‘pocalypse’.

I wander across the barren landscape looking …looking for what – I can’t remember.

Days turn into weeks, weeks turn into months – each moment just an endless battle to survive. A battle to survive in a world with no hope. My life ended in engine noise and pain when my family were taken from me in a senseless moment of destruction days before the world ceased to function.

The world began to implode when the black crude began to run out.

Nation fought nation until only the few remained alive . Those that did survive battled over the last remnants of a world depleted of all its natural resources. The ones that remain have adapted to the conditions and live a feral existence where warlords hold claim to vast tracts of land guarded by half human creatures with no interest in anything other than killing whatever they find.

Some attempt at normality exists where groups have gathered who try and impose order amidst the arid waste. Farming is attempted against all odds – with acres of brown dried stems attempting to mature into a crop worth collecting. Pigs have thrived for some reason and are used for meat and the production of methane in an attempt to produce power from waste.

Amidst all the death and destruction one small finger of hope pushes its way through the crumbled dust of the ancient cities as the weeds begin to take hold. Rubble and steel collapse leaving harsh reminder of the once masterful human race – but now an army of green has begun to take back the land once covered in black tar.

The most successful of the invaders are the Japanese knotweeds – so famed for their beauty in years gone by – then almost annihilated during the first purge of 2015 – when they were blamed for damage and destruction to property values.

The knotweeds survived through the nuclear holocaust instigated by the Volkswagen Group as part of their cover up of diesel exhaust emissions. World destruction was deemed preferable to Germany having to admit to actually not being cleverer than their neighbours.

As the Road Warrior I now drive a modified Shelby 500 Mustang – this being the only vehicle that wasn’t lying about its emissions.

I did try a ‘Tesla’ but found once the world ended – re charging points were a little hard to find.

Mike C – after watching ‘Mad Max : Fury Road.

NB definitely not Max Wade