Big Cars July 22, 2015

I was forwarded a link recently from the father of one of our team who had been listening to a piece on the radio about Japanese Knotweed. Apart from the appalling advice on how to treat Japanese Knotweed there was a general air of sarcasm about the whole interview.

The ‘gardening correspondent’ stated that the issues regarding JK had been ‘blown out of proportion’ the damage that the plant caused had been ‘exaggerated’ and generally the whole issue was ‘scaremongering’. The radio presenter then went on to talk about the ‘vans’ that he had seen and the ‘multi million pound’ removal business that had developed to deal with the problems…they then went on to state that all these companies drove round in ‘big cars’…like they shouldn’t be allowed to have a decent motor?

ha ha ha aren’t we clever slagging off an industry that we know nothing about.

So Mr D**k head DJ and Mr Know Nothing gardening correspondent – why don’t you vent your spleen on some of the other industries out there? What about bank managers or bottled water companies or photocopier sales men or accountants? Most accountants have nice cars and what do they actually do…f**k all… by my last reckoning…what about Radio DJ’s what good have they EVER done…

BUT…companies that are helping the UK environment by dealing with invasive non-native species need slagging off do they for making a profit? – they need slagging off for taking local people into employment and improving our environment???

Jeez… it really annoys me.

It would seem that my industry will always have its critics- I’m not sure why it gets such a slagging off? I get a lot of abuse for being a scare monger – and I get a lot of abuse for the marketing and the way in which we have raised the profile of Invasive Non Native Species. I’m not apologising for anything …Im pretty sure if I hadn’t chosen to market the company in the way we have – we wouldn’t be sorting out our invasive species problems and as a Nation we would be at risk of being overrun by problem plants.

So – NO – I’m not scaremongering…. YES – we do have problems with invasive species and – NO – one man with a bit of spray from his local DIY store will NOT be able to sort a serious Japanese Knotweed infestation.

Please Mr DJ do a bit of research…. before you demonise an industry that is doing a lot of good work in and around the UK….



Mike C