Have you ever notice how some days just fly by and others just drag….?

The days that you are really enjoying and appreciating every second seem to last about …30 minutes….whilst the shit days where every fucking thing goes tits up…just last for an interminable length of time.

I recently had a weekend fishing that seemed to last about 25 minutes whilst today I seem to have been wading through crap for hours and its only 10.15 am…

There is a reason for this apparent time space continuum and it is technically called.. ‘f**k you and your shitty life’.

I have been looking for ways to change the way that life treats you and have been looking for inspiration in the world around me.

Obviously if you are the senior executive in the biggest car company in Europe and things go a bit dicky …RESIGN

Obviously if things are a bit tight financially …GO BANKRUPT

Obviously if things get a bit tough in your marriage…GET DIVORCED

If things are a bit tight in the old wage packet…GET A PAY DAY LOAN


So taking things in hand so far this morning … I’ve resigned, gone bankrupt, got divorced and got a pay day loan…..

….but am I happy?

Damn right I am and… AND ….I’m going fishing before the season ends.


Mike C


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