Invasive Plants Seminar Presented By Mike Clough

The only place to be on May 25ththis year is… ‘The Others’… seminar being hosted by Japanese Knotweed Solutions at the Museum of Science and Industry in Manchester.

So much blood sweat and tears have gone into this event you need to be there …even if it’s just to see what weeks and weeks of lack of sleep have done to Mike Clough.

He wasn’t pretty before this mammoth event …so things will not have improved.

Proceedings will be opened by Mrs Clough – which in itself is a totally unique occasion and will require some preparation – including buffing, polishing, painting, spraying and of course…. spanks.

Mike has been filming and using his acting skills to create a short feature film which will be premiered at the event – we will also be introducing a short play ‘wot I have wrote’ which will introduce the concept of ‘The Others’ and giving insight into the running of Japanese Knotweed Solutions Ltd.

One of my favourite speakers, Trevor Renals will then take to the stage to discuss invasive animal species and invasive aquatics. Trevor will also be giving the Environment Agency perspective on what we should be looking out for next – and what we should be doing to prevent future problems with invasive non-native species.

Another of my favourite people will then take centre stage – Dick Shaw from CABI will be updating us on the government’s bio-control strategies and explaining the new fungal release to combat Japanese knotweed.

Japanese Knotweed Solutions have been keen to re-introduce botanical studies to a new generation and to that end have asked Allie Pottinger to come along to the seminar and give an insight into her work. Allie will be giving a hands on demonstration with a free tutorial to anyone that’s interested in having a go with watercolours. Allie will also be showing her study of Himalayan balsam at the event with printed copies available for anyone interested.

Following a lunch break, with entertainment from two street magicians, we will go straight into the launch of our new marketing campaign then move seamlessly on to our first afternoon speaker Mr Chris Baines.  Famous for his book ‘How to Make a Wildlife Garden’, Chris will be defending plants and explaining the reasons behind some of the problem species we have and how to manage and contain them – whilst still keeping your garden wildlife friendly.

Olaf Booy from the Great Britain Non-Native Species Secretariat follows on from Trevor and will be talking about horizon scanning and bio-diversity.

The day will close with an awards ceremony giving kudos to those that have made the day possible – the ‘Others Oscars’ will be given to the best speaker of the day and perhaps the…..’best actor in a short film that wasn’t very good but was fun to make ‘…category.

Tickets are filling fast, BOOK yours HERE.

Mike C


0161 723 2000