Karen Jebbett



PREVIOUS EXPERIENCE: I have worked in a variety of roles in a few different industries, but in the main I have worked in the Construction/Facilities Management/Building Services industries in an Administrative role in a customer focused environment.  I am qualified in Health & Safety and have been involved in both the practical side of carrying out Risk Assessments as well as being document controller for all Health & Safety documentation and systems. I have worked on a helpdesk in a building with a 1000 people dealing with so many diverse requests for help.

JKSL EXPERIENCE: I have just recently joined JKSL and am still on a learning curve and knowledge building with my role and as well as learning all about Knotweed and other invasive plants, which I am really enjoying.

FAVOURITE PART OF YOUR JOB: So far, answering the phone, as this is giving me the opportunity to learn all about JKSL.

LEAST FAVOURITE PART OF YOUR JOB: As I am enjoying every aspect of my job equally, I don’t have a least favourite part.

INTERESTS AWAY FROM WORK: I have a list as long as my arm! But never enough time to do everything.  Being out in nature, taking photos and then transforming them into art with inspirational poetry is my first love. I have an holistic lifestyle caring for my mind, body and spirit as well as caring for others.  I am a qualified spiritual/energy healer having trained with the ‘Healing Trust UK’.  I love all forms of dance, both watching it and performing myself in dance theatre in the past.  Can’t wait to get back to my Zumba class after missing it for far too long!  And dance nights at Manchester Art Gallery!    

IF I COULD BE ANYWHERE: I would be spending a few blissful weeks at my favourite spa, Titanic Spa, which is close to where I live, so I can just float back home!

FAVOURITE LINE FROM A FILM: ‘No matter what anybody tells you, words and ideas can change the World’ – Dead Poets Society



0161 723 2000