Progress…or is it?

We can now look back at things that we’ve done in the past and realise that maybe NOT everything we’ve invented has been a great idea.

I’m thinking maybe the various weapons of mass destruction that – had they not been invented – millions of lives would have been spared.

Cigarettes, maybe if we’d known the health issues we wouldn’t have been so quick to light up?

Asbestos maybe saved a few lives with its fire-retardant properties but again health issues have cost many lives.

Plastics, maybe we should have thought about how we were going to get rid of it before ploughing ahead and using it in everything we ever buy?

Maybe some of the more mundane things that we’ve done – like say bringing Japanese knotweed into the UK or some of the other Victorian plant introductions – not a brilliant idea.

We look back on decisions and realise that with hindsight, maybe we would do things differently.

So why is it that when decisions are being made today… now… this minute, why cannot we run these ideas through to their natural conclusion and just say – ‘you know what, maybe that’s not such a great idea…’

I’m thinking driver-less cars.

Why is nobody saying –

1. How many jobs will be lost if this works?
2. How many people will be killed when somebody hacks the systems that drive these things and send them on a terrorist spree killing?
3. How much gridlock will be caused when one of them breaks down?

…and finally, why is nobody saying – ‘actually …I like driving…’

Mike C


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