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Japanese knotweed Removal Windsor

JSKL is a leading specialist in the identification, control and removal of Japanese knotweed for domestic and commercial sites in Dunstable and around the country. We are a qualified team of experts who have gained a great deal of experience over the years. Our mission is to offer an efficient and cost effective solution to the growing threat of Japanese knotweed. Our removal teams are always on standby to respond to any requests for services.

You can try to remove knotweed from your property yourself, but an attempt to do so will almost certainly worsen the situation, as the knotweed can grow back even stronger. The recommended means is hiring the services of professionals like JSKL. We employ a number of ways to remove this weed from both commercial and residential properties. All our methods are tried and tested and have a 100% success guarantee rate.

The methods commonly used by our specialists in knotweed removal include; chemical, excavation, MeshTech and burning. Chemical removal is the most used means of removing knotweed and here at JSKL, we have a comprehensive chemical treatment programme which strictly abides by the specified industry codes of practice. We keep to all stipulations as defined and approved by environmental agencies.

We can also use instant excavation methods as opposed to the more long-term chemical means. Excavation and burial or incineration of knotweed can prove highly successful in the eradication of this weed. MeshTech removal is an environmentally friendly method of knotweed removal, developed by JKSL and designed to control the spread of knotweed without using chemicals that can damage surrounding wildlife. We can review your site and find the best fit.

For more information on our services, you can browse our website or even sign up to receive our newsletter on Japanese knotweed issues. To hire JKSL for expert removal services in or around Dunstable, you can contact our friendly customer care team by phone or through the contact form on our website.

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