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Japanese knotweed Removal in Tyne and Wear

Japanese knotweed is a fast-growing plant that can cause serious damage to your property. In the UK, Japanese knotweed is a serious issue for many homeowners and building owners at domestic, industrial and commercial sites. If you are looking for reliable Japanese knotweed removal solutions in Tyne and Wear, then JKSL is a removal service you can rely on. We offer you a range of innovative and affordable methods.

Japanese knotweed can cause damage to your property, so it needs to be treated as soon as the weed is identified. It can cause cracks to retaining walls and damage to foundations etc. You will need an expert to get rid of this invasive plant, as hacking away at it can cause worse re-growth.

Here at JKSL, we are highly experienced, having worked in the industry for the past 15 years with an impressive record of customer satisfaction and feedback. We offer a 100% removal success guarantee alongside a range of warranty options of up to 10 years to ensure full peace of mind. Our highly professional team offers reliable knotweed identification and removal, with a team of trained and professional experts.

We ensure full completion of removal that leaves our clients happy and satisfied. With 15 years of elite presence in the removal provider industry, we feel proud to offer the high-quality removal services and competitive rates in and around Tyne and Wear. JKSL take care of each and every requirement of its customers, designing an affordable package for clients according to their requirements, so contact us today for more details.

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