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Japanese knotweed Removal in Lowestoft

JKSL offer a first-class Japanese knotweed removal service to rid you of the troublesome plant at your home or workplace in and around Lowestoft. After 15 years in the industry we are highly experienced and our work on raising awareness on the impact of the plant has even been covered by the BBC. We are a recognised as an authority on knotweed removal.  Here at JKSL, we offer a range of knotweed removal options including our own environmental friendly Mesh Tech method as well as chemical treatments and excavation.

If we find a knotweed infestation when we visit your site, we can complete a full site review and recommend the removal package best for you after evaluating the needs for your site. We strive to provide all our clients with exceptional removal services at an accessible low cost. We offer our clients in Lowestoft a 100% removal success guarantee, due to our high-quality removal services and our experienced and reliable team. Furthermore, we offer warranty options of up to 10 years to give you further peace of mind.

You should contact a Japanese knotweed removal service if you believe you have found evidence of the plant on your site. Trying to deal with the problem on your own, could make it worse, so you need the help of a specialist to prevent it spreading onto neighbouring sites which could bring legal implications. Using an industry accredited Japanese knotweed removal service such as JKSL offers you long-term value and lasting protection in Lowestoft.

Get in touch with one of our highly skilled team today to talk through your options for Knotweed removal. We have removal teams in Lowestoft seven days a week to ensure the problem is dealt with as we know the damage it can cause.

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