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Japanese knotweed Removal in Ipswich

If you’re in need of Japanese knotweed removal services at a commercial, industrial or domestic site in Ipswich, then JKSL can provide thorough identification and treatment to ensure that the invasive weed does not make a return to your site again. Japanese knotweed is capable of causing damage to building structures and eco-systems if it is left untreated. For over 15 years, our expert team have been providing high-quality knotweed removal services to clients around the UK with a 100% success rate.

JKSL have done a lot to raise awareness on the harmful effects of Japanese knotweed growth, and our work has been recognised by platforms such as the BBC. Our team have provided knotweed removal services to hundreds of sites across Ipswich, with each one receiving a bespoke course of treatment from our team. The core methods that could be used on an infected site include excavation, chemical treatment methods and our own eco-conscious MeshTech procedure.

Once you’ve consulted with our team, we’ll then visit your site in Ipswich and carry out a full review before recommending the most effective course for Japanese knotweed removal. All of our high-quality services are priced very competitively and come with warranty options for up to 10 years. With JKSL, you can be sure that you’re getting expert service as well as protection in the long-term. As soon as you notice Japanese knotweed growing on your site, you should contact a professional removal service such as JKSL. Attempting to remove the weed alone will only accelerate the problem by dispersing the contaminated soil further.

Our team are available seven days a week to provide a range of innovative and reliable knotweed removal methods, both in Ipswich and around the rest of the UK. If you’re in need of any guidance regarding your own site, then don’t hesitate to contact JKSL. One of our professionals will be at hand to answer any of your questions and schedule in a consultation for your site in Ipswich.

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