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Japanese knotweed Removal in City of Bristol

Japanese knotweed is making inroads into domestic and commercial properties at an alarming rate. The knotweed has a range of harmful effects on surrounding wildlife, as well as brickwork, piping and even concrete with existing cracks. At JSKL, we know all about the impact of this weed and offer a range of cost effective solutions to clients in the City of Bristol area. We are experts in the identification, control and removal of knotweed with over 15 years’ experience

Over our time offering Japanese knotweed removal services, we have become a leading partner in the battle against knotweed. JSKL offer professional Japanese knotweed removal to domestic, commercial and industrial sites across the City of Bristol region. We use tried and tested methods of eradication which allow us to offer a 100% success guarantee. Our services are available 7 days a week at competitive prices and a consistently high quality.

We utilise a range of knotweed removal methods including chemical, excavation and MeshTech. Rather than try to push the most expensive method on you without considering your needs, we come to you and perform a full site review to ensure you get the exact method/s that suit your site best. Here at JSKL, we have a comprehensive chemical treatment programme developed in accordance with specified industrial codes of practice. We have qualified practitioners to oversee that the process is undertaken with regard to the stipulations as dictated by environmental agencies.

We also offer removal of Japanese knotweed in the most environmentally-friendly way currently in operation, with our MeshTech method. With this, we avoid the use of chemicals and protect fertile soils, plants and wildlife and water in the surrounding area. Get in touch with JKSL today by phone or email to discuss your removal needs in the City of Bristol.

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