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Japanese knotweed Removal Bracknell

Here at JKSL, our staff team is highly trained on Japanese knotweed removal. For the safe disposal of contaminated materials, we use a range of removal methods across Bracknell, each of them tried and tested, ensuring the knotweed doesn’t return. We visit your property for a full site review and then recommend the best method/s for removal on your site, guaranteeing your knotweed is properly dealt with and allowing us to offer a 100% success promise.

It is always better to enlist a professional removal service rather than risking doing the job poorly, as knotweed growth can return even worse if not properly disposed of. Here at JSKL we offer our comprehensive site surveys to determine if an area is infested with knotweed as early as possible. We will then send you a report with details of our study. If a site has knotweed, we include recommendations for the appropriate treatment methods. We can also partner with RICS surveyors in the wake of mortgage lenders denial to offer loans to property that have Japanese knotweed.

We can offer to rehabilitate such properties as well as provide a full range of insurance backed warranties to ensure a property can get the loan approval. We offer a range of removal methods to domestic and commercial sites across Bracknell. While carrying out these processes on our clients’ sites, we are careful to ensure that no cross contamination occurs and also offer a range of warranty options of up to 10 years to offer further peace of mind.

To get more information on our range of knotweed removal services, you can look across the various service pages on our website. To get in touch with further questions, you can fill out the contact form on our website, while if you know you want to hire JKSL’s services in the Bracknell area, you can contact our friendly and knowledgeable customer service team by phone or email today.

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