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Japanese knotweed Removal Aylesbury

Japanese knotweed is one of the most invasive weeds in existence, able to suffocate other plant life and grow to a level that it can damage brickwork, piping and other elements on a property. If you are living in Aylesbury or its surrounding areas, JKSL is here to help. JKSL offers quality knotweed removal services that are reliable and effective with a 100% removal success guarantee. Our team of experts have extensive knowledge and experience in removal of the weed.

In addition to their professional abilities, our experts are passionate about ridding the UK of this Japanese knotweed menace and offer their identification and removal services diligently. Rather than just try to force the same removal method onto every client, we will perform a full site review and select a tailored removal service for the good of your site. Our primary aim is to keep each client happy through ridding their site of knotweed for the long haul.

Among the Japanese knotweed removal techniques that we offer to domestic and commercial sites around Aylesbury are chemical removal, MeshTech, and excavation. With more than 15 years’ experience in offering Japanese knotweed removal services, our professional removal teams are available seven days a week to handle knotweed issues.  When you come to JKSL, you get to enjoy reliable removal at a fair price and avoid the lasting damage that the weed can do.

In addition to offering removal services, our passion on this issue has led us to go beyond the usual services and to run awareness campaigns that have been recognised by media including the BBC. If you are in Aylesbury or its vicinity and are having problems with Japanese knotweed, JKSL are available by phone or email today.

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