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Mesh Tech is a patented technology designed and developed in the UK by Dr Eric Donnelly and Japanese Knotweed Solutions Ltd. It is an environmentally-friendly method of controlling Japanese knotweed.

The main advantages of MeshTech are that it requires no chemical treatment and it causes minimal impact on the sites where it is used. MeshTech can also provide protection of riparian areas against soil erosion – a particular problem where Japanese knotweed grows on riverbanks. It is an environmentally sound solution to a problem which all too often involves significant disturbance to contaminated sites – with damaging consequences to other flora (and fauna), and it is a cheaper solution that removal to landfill.

Combining more than 15 years of experience with cutting edge capabilities:

MeshTech works by using Japanese knotweed’s aggressive growth against it – forcing the plant to sever its own stems as they grow (as shown in the photgraphs below). The method also exposes the plant to increased damage by frost and rot – further weakening the plant. Eventual death of the plant results through exhaustion of the nutrient stores in the rhizome (root system). Mesh Tech is specifically targeted at Japanese knotweed but it can also be adapted to treat giant hogweed. It leaves the overwhelming majority of other plant species relatively unaffected.


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