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Britain is in the midst of an invasion by the dreaded Japanese knotweed. Originating in Japan’s volcanic wastelands, the invasive weed has struck fear among many home and land owners across the country. What makes Japanese knotweed so much of a problem is its huge root systems, which are capable of burrowing up to 3 metres deep into the ground and spreading rapidly if even the smallest piece is discarded in the soil. Japanese knotweed can grow up to 4 metres high and its bamboo-like stems have the ability to sprout up to 10cm in a single day during summer. Many worried property owners have been in search of a solution to completely eradicate the weed, which continues to spread like wildfire.

Combining more than 15 years of experience with cutting edge capabilities:


As well as sucking the life from vegetation in the surrounding area, Japanese knotweed is capable of damaging building foundations and pavements by invading any weak spots in concrete and tarmac just to access light and water. It does not let anything stop its growth, and if you attempt to chop it away yourself, it’s likely to return in even greater force, unless it’s dealt with properly by an expert. Here at Japanese knotweed Solutions Limited, we are working hard to bring an end to the impacts of this invasive plant. We’re known for providing excellent services to our clients, with a 100% success rate guarantee. Any service provided by us comes with guarantee options of up to 10 years, so you can be sure that the plant will never make a return. We’re also happy to help you with identifying the plant, as well as providing long-lasting treatment, eradication and aftercare management. Removing your Japanese knotweed infestation can be very complicated and often requires a lot of time. We’ll help to make sure that the value of your house or garden is not deteriorating because of it. We are available anytime and around the country to assist and make sure that this problem is stopped. In terms of how we eradicate Japanese knotweed, JKSL routinely undertakes the removal or eradication of the weed for our clients through one or more of the following methods:


Our team removes the dreaded plant and its persistent roots from the ground. It then transports the contaminated weeds from your site to a licenced landfill facility, preventing cross-contamination from taking place. As previously mentioned, even a single fragment of the weed left in the soil can result in the regrowth of the weed. As we carry this out, we adhere to all industry regulations, so you can be sure that you have hired reliable experts.


We offer a comprehensive chemical treatment programme; strictly following the industry’s specified codes of operation. Here, all the stipulations defined by the Environment Agency and SEPA are adhered to, ensuring the safe application of chemicals on your site.


This method was specially designed by JKSL in conjunction with Dr. Eric Donnelly. It’s a lot less impactful on the surrounding environment and is leading the way in terms of environmentally-conscious removal methods. This is the best possible option for preventing soil erosion.

JKSL will survey your site and then advise you on the best method/s to implement for the wellbeing of your land and the guarantee of eradicating the weed and freeing you from Japanese knotweed. Get in touch today to speak to us about how we could get rid of your Japanese knotweed problems.


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