Japanese knotweed is one of the fastest growing and most invasive weeds in the UK today. It has spread extensively across the country since its introduction by Victorian botanists, who brought it over from Japan as an ornamental plant in the 1850s. Since then, Japanese knotweed has plagued home and land owners, who have been unable to prevent its spread across public and private properties up and down the country.

What makes Japanese knotweed so durable is its deep-penetrating rhizomes, which ensure the plant is able to grow back stronger year after year. During peak season in summer, its bamboo-like stems can reach up to 4m in height and its invasive roots can grow to around 3m underground, making them extremely difficult to remove. If even a small fragment of the plant is left in the soil during removal, it will remain contaminated and the weed will return.

Japanese knotweed can do a lot of damage to the surrounding natural landscape and its growth can also inflict thousands of pounds worth of damage on homes by damaging the foundations, walls and drainage of buildings. As soon as Japanese knotweed has been identified on your property, it’s essential to seek the help of a specialist service to make sure that it is properly removed and never makes a return.

Combining more than 15 years of experience with cutting edge capabilities:


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JKSL is a certified and experienced firm that specialises in controlling Japanese knotweed growth across the UK. We have over 15 years’ experience in eliminating the weed, and during this time, we’ve perfected our methods to make sure that once we’ve treated an area, it will never return.

Japanese knotweed can be controlled using both non-chemical and chemical methods. If you suspect that the weed is growing on your property, we’re able to come and identify it and recommend the best course of treatment depending on your location and extent of the infestation. In certain cases, it could take years to make sure that an area has been treated in full. Usually, we’ll employ at least one of the following methods of control:


Chemical treatment is usually the most cost-effective process by which to eliminate Japanese knotweed from rural and urban areas. Here at JKSL, we work closely with government agencies to combat the spread of Japanese knotweed and other invasive plants, so you can be sure that our qualified practitioners are up to date with all of the correct legal requirements regarding chemical use. We always follow industry-specified codes of practice and our aim is to respect the surrounding environment at all times, taking care to avoid leaving an environmental footprint behind after the process.


Excavation is the best option if you are developing on the site or have demanding timescales. Our experienced team will ensure that all of the traces of rhizome have been removed from the soil before transporting all of the contaminated material to a licenced landfill facility or buried in a heat-welded geo-textile cell. We’ll always make sure that cross-contamination is avoided during any process that’s carried out on your property.


This method has replaced on-site incineration techniques which is more considerate to the environment and equally as effective. This method describes the act of disposing of contaminated plant material via controlled chipping of knotweed stands, with the emphasis on minimising the risk of cross-contamination. This can only be carried out once the Japanese knotweed stands have sufficiently dried out. Once chipped, the Japanese knotweed arisings must be left on site, essentially rendering them unable to regrow. Or alternatively, they can be removed to a suitably licensed landfill.


The MeshTech removal process was specially formulated by JKSL and Dr. Eric Donnelly. It is the most environmentally-conscious method of control as it avoids the use of chemical treatments and leaves behind minimal footprints on the site where it’s applied. It’s also protects fertile areas and riverbanks areas against the threat of soil erosion, and all of the local flora and fauna will be left in-tact.


JKSL has become a go-to name for UK homeowners, businesses and councils affected by Japanese knotweed. We have a 100% success rate and we offer insurance backed guarantees up to 10 years so that you can be sure that the weed is gone for good! As soon as you spot any signs of Japanese knotweed on your premises, you should contact us immediately so that we can correctly identify it for you and provide treatment before any further damage is inflicted and additional costs incurred.


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