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If you would like a quotation to treat your invasive plant infestation, please complete the following questions as thoroughly as possible. We will then contact you with an approximate cost for treatment. Please highlight your answers where necessary.

The Infestation

Japanese knotweedHimalayan balsamGiant hogweedother

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EA Approval is required for herbicide applications within 10m of a watercourse

Size of infestation

Please highlight the degree of infestation and give details.

(Some chemicals will affect nearby plants/trees)
Yes, they must not be affectedNo, it does not matter if they are affected



Residential PropertyFarmlandWasteland/DisusedCommercial e.g. Car Park/Shop/Industrial EstateOther

Site Plans


N/AWithin 12 monthsIn 2-3 yearsIn 3-5 yearsAfter 5 years


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I believe I have a Japanese knotweed infestation.
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