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Japanese knotweed is spreading rapidly and could endanger your home.

Japanese knotweed or Fallopia Japonica is a highly invasive weed that is capable of causing serious damage to buildings and their foundations if not removed in a timely and correct manner. There are many different ways of treating and removing Japanese knotweed and we provide the most effective solutions, both in terms of cost and complete, permanent removal.

It used to be the case that only commercial developers knew about Japanese knotweed, but now insurance companies and mortgage brokers have caught on, and are now insisting on Japanese knotweed free properties. Do not worry however, as this is only normally an issue for property owners if you are considering selling or buying a property and are applying for a mortgage.

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What do I do if I am buying or selling a property with Japanese knotweed in or around it?

Japanese knotweed is now recognised as a threat to the security of a property by numerous mortgage lenders. Many RICS surveyors are now advised to report the presence of Japanese knotweed as a notifiable incident in their reports. Unfortunately, some major lenders have even taken the action to flatly refuse to lend on such properties. However, at JKSL we have been working closely with RICS surveyors and mortgage lenders to provide you with a full comprehensive site survey and bespoke report that is aimed at the mortgage lenders. In these reports we will supply an accurate scaled drawing of the site and the Japanese knotweed infestations, along with a full site report where we use our experience and knowledge of the plant to assess any risks and the overall impact of its presence. From this we can then comprise a realistic treatment methodology. We also offer a full range of standard and insurance backed warranties. We understand that selling or buying a property can be a stressful ordeal and appreciate that there are many tasks and complicated paper work to be completed in this process. We therefore aim to offer you with a stress free service that is completed entirely in house by a specialist team from start to finish.

Even after all papers are exchanged and keys have been handed over we will continue our work and regularly monitor the property through our unique warranty system in order to safe guard the property. If you are considering selling or buying a properly and have concerns about Japanese knotweed please feel free to contact our specialist survey team.


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