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Japanese Knotweed and Mortgage Problems

Japanese knotweed can cause problems when applying for a mortgage as the aggressive growth pattern of Japanese knotweed is capable of exposing weaknesses in hard engineered structures such as concrete, tarmac, brick walls and foundations.

Specific problems caused by Japanese Knotweed are:

  • Damage to retaining wall structures, paving and tarmac areas
  • Damage to building foundations
  • Damage to flood defence structures
  • Reduction in land values
  • Aesthetic issues
  • Restriction of access

All of which are reasons why mortgage lenders are reluctant to lend on properties with Japanese Knotweed.

Combining more than 15 years of experience with cutting edge capabilities:

How Can JKSL Help?

Our specialist surveyors will carry out a full site survey at your property in order to assess the implications the Japanese knotweed has on both yours and the surrounding properties.

Our surveyors will then produce a report which includes your treatment options, the different methods we use, COSHH (Health Risk Assessment), a cost breakdown, photographs and a marked drawing. We will put together a management plan which will satisfy the criteria stated by the mortgage lender in question.

When it comes to matters related to Japanese knotweed and mortgages, JKSL work closely with the Council of Mortgage lenders to provide a practical hassle free specialist package to make selling or buying a property with Japanese knotweed easier for all parties concerned, due to our reliable removal of knotweed from domestic homes.

What Warranties Do JKSL Offer?

JKSL offer 10-year Insurance-Backed Warranties.

These warranties cover any works completed by JKSL and all works are carried out in accordance with the INNSA Code of Practice & SEPA guidelines, allowing you to have full confidence in any of our Japanese knotweed mortgage services.

Our warranties are issued to the property, therefore should the property be sold, the warranty will remain in place and any future treatments will still be carried out. We can speak to you in more detail about our knotweed mortgage solutions and make sure you are fully informed on the impact of Japanese knotweed and mortgages in the UK.

What Next?

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