Dog Training

I’m a business owner, I’m 58 years old and I’m pretty much experienced in most of what the world throws at me.

I try and be a pretty cool guy, I don’t get over-excited by much and remain calm in most situations.

So, imagine my shock at being made a complete fool of …by a dog.

Lilly – (a miniature dachshund) – arrived in my life about a month ago ….and nothing’s been the same since.

Chaos thy name is Lilly.

She sleeps randomly, whenever she wants.

She wakes up full of life – whether it be morning, night, or whenever she feels like it – and she needs to play.

Not just a little play but full-on racing round the house, screaming and yelping.

She bites, she draws blood, she pees, she poops, she chews, she rips, she tears, she destroys….

She is a one-dog army of destruction.

Don’t get me wrong…. I love the little creature, but boy has my life been upended.

Updates to follow.


Mike C


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