How come work doesn’t nicely spread itself over the working year in twelve equal instalments?

I’ve always had a philosophy of – whichever client gives us an instruction first – gets the work done first…fairly simple. However you would be amazed by how many projects get delayed, delayed, delayed ….then they all happen at once!

I suppose the technical term for this would be ‘sods law’…

I blame the planning departments. I know that planning law is a vital part of our world – without which life would be hell – with people building whatever and wherever they wanted….but surely the control of invasive species should be something that just gets done as soon as possible?

Planning law states that removal of invasive plants such as Japanese Knotweed is NOT ‘development’ and can be carried out prior to planning approval actually being given.

However clients will not (understandably) proceed with invasive species management unless building approval is granted – so we end up with this backlog of projects… ‘waiting for planning approval’ …

We have a team of staff who simply sit in a sealed glass container in the office – with a label stuck across the front that states ‘break glass in case of emergency/ or planning approval’…

If only it were that easy.

If you then introduce various other factors into the equation the business owner just gets more and more stressed.

Weather conditions

Staff issues – holidays/sickness/family problems

Cash flow

Etc etc

In a nutshell you can guarantee that –

…during slack times when there is little work to do – you will be fully staffed with everyone raring to go.

…as soon as any major project gets underway – sickness will devastate your team, holidays will have been booked and grandparents will drop like flies.

…during the quiet times there will be money in the bank but it will just be disappearing like water through a sieve.

…during the busy times there will be no funds available to fund the projects – and all your suppliers will require paying up front.

…and in all the above you can guarantee that the payment terms quoted will be crap

So…why do we do this?

Because we just love ….STRESS


Mike C


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