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The ULTIMATE GUIDE to Japanese Knotweed

April 29th 2015

If you are in a panic about Japanese knotweed then....this is it, the one article you’ve all been waiting for....the ULTIMATE GUIDE to Japanese Knotweed Management.

If you are terrified and can’t go in your garden - you will not need any other information just this one blog will satisfy all your requirements....

So here it is.

1. Don’t panic

2. It’s a plant

3. No – it’s not poisonous

4. t’s a plant

5. No – it will NOT destroy your house

6. It’s a plant

7. No – it’s not dangerous

8. It’s a plant

9. No – you will you not be arrested

10. It’s a plant

11. Call me.

12. It’s a plant

Thank you.

You’re welcome.