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The Truth is Out There….

It has been suggested on various Internet forums that Japanese Knotweed arrived from the planet Zog as some interstellar declaration of aggression.

Others have suggested that the Japanese sent the plant as a weapon of mass bio-destruction to the destroy the USA during the war.

The truth is a little more pedestrian based around a Victorian businessman selling a plant that grew and reproduced really really quickly – making it easy for him to make a lot of money from selling cuttings that he knew would grow and make him new plants that he could sell.

However, since the Victorian times there have been a series of waves of publicity which in hindsight appear to be less about raising awareness and more about businessmen making money.

Most recently we have had a so called ‘study’ that has come out of Leeds University stating that Japanese knotweed is no more of a problem than other indigenous species. The study didn’t contact the major contractors in the market but rather used a select group of small companies and asked if they had experienced Japanese knotweed causing damage to building foundations.

They didn’t contact the biggest knotweed contractor in the UK …. (us)…. because they didn’t want to get information that didn’t tally with their hypothesis.

So, the articles were written to advertise their theories and the press got to make big headlines and the study got lots of publicity and the authors were interviewed and the marketing teams rolled into action and money was made.

Recently we have had a big headline that ‘£53 billion has been wiped off the UK housing market’ by the presence of Japanese knotweed. Note: the information comes from a pompous arse of a contractor who has just written a book on knotweed. Could it possibly be that making stupid exaggerated claims about the destructive nature of a plant might help him sell his crappy little book I wonder??

The truth is out there – and it’s somewhere between what the sensationalists state is happening and the ostrich heads are saying isn’t.

It’s somewhere between Japanese knotweed is the most destructive plant on earth and …. it’s just a weed….

I would go on record as saying that I have more experience of what this plant can do than anybody I’ve ever come across. I’ve been dealing with knotweed longer than anybody else in the UK and I established THE first company that deals just with one plant.

I don’t exaggerate and I don’t tell lies to win business – and I can say with all honesty …. if you ignore Japanese knotweed it will cause you a problem.

It won’t chase you down the street.

It won’t kill you.

It won’t poison you.

It won’t destroy your house for fun.

But it will cause you a problem.

It can stop you selling your house – and if asked for a preference I would state that I would rather buy a house WITHOUT a knotweed infestation on the boundary.

However, I would also go on record as saying – it is sortable. You could deal with a small infestation yourself if you were so inclined.

Personally, I’d get a contractor in – but that’s just me.

So – if you want the truth – ask somebody at Japanese Knotweed Solutions what to do. Yes I know we’re in business …. but we’re not selling books or trying for a Nobel peace prize.

We’re just in the business of getting rid of knotweed at the best price for our customers.

Mike C