JKSL Newspaper

Our quartley newspaper ‘Root of the Matter’ is jam packed with the latest updates and insights into the Japanese knotweed and invasive weed industry. To order your copy, please send a request here.

Penny Dreadful

The ‘Penny Dreadful’ was a publishing phenomenon in the 19thCentury as these cheap, sensational, highly illustrated stories became incredibly popular with the Victorian public. Increasing literacy and improving technology saw a boom in cheap fiction for the working classes. ‘Penny Blood’ was the original name for the booklets that in the 1860’s was renamed, Penny […]

Campaign Posters

Do you ever come across sites with Japanese knotweed? Are you a landowner? Housing developer? Construction company…….Local authority, Surveyor, Architect, Rail Company, Ecologist, Housing Association, Grounds Worker, Environmental Consultant, Ultility Company, Property Management company, Landlord, Estate Agent, Demolition Contractor, Engineer, Solicitor or maybe just a fan of horror films?! To receive one of our unique […]

Another seminar bites the dust….

Seminar By JKSL

Another year passes and another seminar has been and gone ….and what have we learnt??? Well this year the main thing we have learnt … is that its bloody difficult to get people to come to a seminar. We have advertised the day in plenty of time, we had some fantastic speakers, we had a […]

The INNSA Code of Practice for Japanese Knotweed

INNSA code of practice for Japanese Knotweed

The Environment Agency Code of Practice – Managing Japanese Knotweed on Development Sites has been the go-to document for over fifteen years for contractors and developers looking to manage Japanese knotweed. Written by Trevor Renals, the original document was released in 2001 into a development landscape where Japanese knotweed was very much an unknown quantity. […]

Green Stuff

INNSA code of practice for Japanese Knotweed

In the area where I live we are charged for the removal of garden waste bins. This is a relatively new development and I know that it winds a lot of people up. However, I have thought about it and actually I don’t mind this – even though we do have a garden, and it’s […]