MeshTech Treatment

Using MeshTech, our in-house invention, provides an altogether different approach to Japanese knotweed treatment. MeshTech is a revolutionary option for which we have to thank Dr Eric Donnelly, alongside JKSL for designing and implementing. Our bespoke and patented technology was developed in-house in collaboration with Dr Donnelly, providing another environmentally-friendly method of controlling Japanese knotweed; […]

Botanical Paintings

Japanese Knotweed Solutions has commissioned a series of detailed botanical paintings of invasive plants, including Japanese knotweed, Himalayan balsam, Giant hogweed, Ragwort, Buddleja and American Skunk Cabbage. Not only are they very useful in assisting with the identification of these plants, but they are also incredibly beautiful on display! If you would like to receive […]

The Original Knotweed Warriors

Japanese Knotweed Solutions Limited has been fighting the war on Japanese knotweed since 2002. We were the first company to specialise solely in the treatment of the highy invasive non-native plant. During the summer months, Japanese knotweed can grow as much as 10cm’s a day. Order your free ‘Original Knotweed Warriors’ print here.

Nightmare on your Street

Could you have Japanese knotweed on your property? Do your neighbours have Japanese knotweed on their property? Would you be able to identify it if you did? If your not sure, simply upload your photos via the JKSL Homepage and we can advise you if it is. To request your free ‘Nightmare on your Street’ […]

JKSL Newspaper

Our quartley newspaper ‘Root of the Matter’ is jam packed with the latest updates and insights into the Japanese knotweed and invasive weed industry. To order your copy, please send a request here.

In the Media

JKSL has been featured in the top TV and radio channels from across the UK.   This post redirects to the Inside JKSL section using the Redirection plugin

Album Covers

What’s it all about I hear you ask? Well, it’s about getting people talking about Japanese Knotweed Solutions – and by connection – getting people talking about invasive species. Our latest ideas are taken off famous album covers – classic albums re-worked to include Japanese knotweed. So far, we have: ‘Knotweed Calling’ – The Clash, […]

10 Cloverfield Lane

Monsters come in any forms. Some lenders will refuse a mortgage on properties with Japanese Knotweed. To request a free Cloverfield Lane poster, please click here and state which poster you would like.

Our Mission

Our mission is to avoid cross contamination at all costs. Did  you know it only takes 0.7 of a gram of Japanese knotweed to give rise to new plants. To request a free ‘Our Mission’ poster to help raise awareness of the importance of avoiding cross contamination, please click here, stating which poster you would like.