Moaning Lisa

The Moaning Lisa by Leonardo da Vinci, has been described as “The best known, the most visited, the most written about and most sung about Knotweed masterpieces in the world”. The painting depicts Lisa from Salford, who dedicated her life to removing Japanese knotweed from her backyard with no success. To order your free copy […]

What’s it all about?

Article from INNSA – Invasive weed control is a relatively new market. While companies have offered and specialised in commercial grounds maintenance and grass-cutting operations for hundreds of years, the specific market of invasive species management has only become a commercially-viable offshoot in the last twenty-five years. The methodologies for invasive weed control are, […]

Tell us what you want!!

Tell is what you want : JKSL

It’s that time of year when we are throwing around ideas for our next annual seminar. Last year’s event, ‘Apocalypse Now’ was a great success, with speakers Michaela Strachan, Mark Avery, John Lewis Stemple and Dick Shaw to name but a few. Entertainment was in the form of a Surf Simulator (what else?!) for those […]