How Can We Change Things

Those of you that read these blogs will know I’m not a big fan of; The Royal Family The Government Boris Johnson David Cameron The Police HMRC… In fact, let’s be honest …anybody that tells me what to do …. I’m sick of seeing billions of public money being spent on weapons when the NHS […]

Standards are dropping

I have a feeling that the days of ‘quality’ products are gone. People seem to want things done quickly and cheaply …but aren’t too bothered about the quality of the product or service they are receiving. Let’s take Amazon for example.  Let’s agree, the delivery man could just cut out the middle man and deliver […]

Fight for your right …

I occasionally liken myself to a boxer. Pre-fight – I’m bouncing around, full of energy, the music’s blasting out ‘eye of the tiger’ …. Round one – I’m punched, I’m battered, I’m on the ropes, then the bell rings ….and I make it to my corner and collapse. Round two – I make it out […]

Wish You Weren’t Here……

“Japanese knotweed – I wish you weren’t here”, is an easy enough statement to make… but actually doing something about it takes a little more focus. It is said that at a moment in time about thirty or so years ago, there was a movement afoot within the Environment Agency (EA) where there was a […]

Webinar: Giant Hogweed

Following on from our Japanese knotweed webinar in early July, we are delighted to invite you to our next event, ‘Giant Hogweed: The Facts’ which is taking place on Wednesday 19th  August, 2pm. Kate Hilton, one of the Surveyors here at JKSL is hosting the 40 minute event, updating your knowledge on: Giant hogweed ecology […]

Webinar: Japanese Knotweed

Japanese Knotweed Solutions Ltd (JKSL) are delighted to invite you to a great CPD training opportunity ‘Japanese Knotweed: The Facts’ on Wednesday 1st July at 2pm. Kate Hilton, a Surveyor here at JKSL, will be delivering a 40 minute Webinar, updating your knowledge on: Japanese knotweed ecology and identification throughout the seasons. Understanding of impacts […]

The Invasion of Giant Hogweed

Named Britain’s ‘most dangerous plant’, Giant hogweed is invading yet again. Read the latest article in The Times