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I have …THE CURE

I also have X Ray Specs, the Sex Pistols and The Clash.

This is because music is the answer to everything.

Anybody feeling depressed at the moment should make themselves a playlist of their favourite pieces of music and just have it playing 24/7.

My current list:

Talk Talk

Early Radiohead

The Black Keys

Blink 182





…..with a selection of Faithless tracks thrown in, to keep the party moving.

Note; currently I have the Apple TV playing all my favourites in the front room, whilst as you meander into the work space there is a different more …. ‘work conducive’ … selection from Massive Attack and Everything but the Girl.

I also find turning the sound down whilst Boris Johnson is speaking works a treat ….particularly if you use a backing track of AC/DC playing Highway to Hell.

What’s on your playlist?

Mike C 😁🤪