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Working From Home

As we begin to come out of lockdown, many companies will be encouraging their teams to continue working from home.

This will make sense from a social distancing point of view and many people will be thinking this could become the new normal.

Working from home saves on travelling time and obviously reduces the risk of any possible disease being caught whilst in a confined office space.

Sounds like a win win situation.

Wait though… there’s a flaw in the plan.

How long before some bright spark sitting at home thinks… ‘Hang on, I’ve just given over my spare room to work…. I need to be paid for this…’

‘Hang on, I’m using my broadband allowance and electricity and heating… I need paying for all of this…’

Then you’re going to have the local authorities saying…. ‘Hang on, that’s no longer a residential house, that’s an office …we need to change its rateable value…’ ‘We need to charge more for these new office spaces that have been created’ ….

Plus …

How do you train any new team members?

Previously, you brought them into the office and they learned from the existing team. You can’t do that anymore.


Those of you working from home.

How do you switch off?

When you used to leave the office at 5.30 or even 6, you knew that was the end of your working day. Now you’re working from home…. you get that niggling feeling that just one more email might have arrived before bed time …better check….

Ok, ok …you can’t wander around in your underpants at the ‘real’ office – but I’m betting there will be a few people begging to come back to working in a space designed for work – that you arrive at and start working, then finish at the end of the day and it’s over till the next day.

You’re going to miss those little chats by the water cooler, those little updates on the best movies or what’s new on Netflix that you took for granted.

Also …let’s be honest… the cats sick of you….

….and your partner just needs a break to remind them what a lovely person you are….

….even when you’re in your undies.


Mike C