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Insect shortage …?

I’m not a great fan of insects.

When I say, ‘I’m not a fan’ – I need to clarify what I’m talking about. I’m one of those people that run ‘warm’ – as in – I’m always sweaty.

One of the things that you have to get used to when you’re a sweaty bugger – is being loved by all insects that bite or sting.

Horseflies, midges, wasps – all love me and all target me throughout the season. My lovely wife walks along beside me they have no interest in her at all – even though she always smells better than I do. She never gets bitten; she never gets bothered – me…. covered in bites.

However, despite my lack of love for these flying nightmares – I do recognise the environmental importance of these creatures. Every one of god’s creatures has a role, and without them the whole world starts to go a bit ‘tits up’. When we start messing with nature – this is when we start to get problems.

Soooo…. I’m slightly concerned about a current lack of insects.

Do you remember how you used to have to clean your cars windscreen of dead flies? You’d arrive home and it would look like you’d been on some sort of insect killing spree in a scene from the movie ‘Zombies Ate my Dog’ …bits of wing, leg, brain, blood …all splattered into an unrecognizable goo that had then set like concrete on your car bonnet?

When was the last time this happened to you?

I know it’s not a bad thing that you don’t have to clean all the crap off your precious motor. But …what I’m saying is…. this cannot be a good sign for our environment. In a world where insects are disappearing I would suggest that there’s more going on than we are aware of?

What’s killing the insects?

Farmers with their insecticide sprays? More chemicals in the environment…

Whatever it is – it’s not good.

Next week: Slugs –

Mike C