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Watching the news at the moment you would believe that cars were the work of the devil.

Not only do they clog roads and cause congestion but the dirty nasty things are causing us breathing problems as well.

We are told that living next to a road will shorten our lives and cause us to get bronchial problems and asthma. We are told that children’s development is being compromised by lost brain cells caused by breathing dirty air.

Yet dear reader we see houses getting rid of their front gardens and replacing them with hard standing for their cars. We see hedges ripped out, trees removed, lawns paved over with concrete …all so that the car can be closer to them…?

Why would you do that? Park on the road, park away from your house and children – the exercise will do you good and you’ll get a few more steps on your daily target.

Surely somebody should be pointing out that front gardens are a natural barrier to pollution and a filter to all the crap that comes off the roads? A decent hedge will act as a sound barrier and is a great way to cut off dust and exhaust fumes.

Not only do front gardens improve air quality they also aid in reducing flooding by allowing rain water to filter slowly through grass – rather than gushing across a hard standing straight into the road drains and causing flooding.

Goddamn it – why does nobody seem to think these situations through…!

Just say NO….


Mike C